E-ACT Academy Chain to Scrap Governing Bodies

19th January 2016

The BBC has reported that the E-ACT academy group will replace all of its governing bodies with "academy ambassadorial advisory bodies".  The report indicates that these new bodies will "play a central role in celebrating the academy's achievements".  Governing bodies, with parental representatives, will no longer hold their local schools to account.  E-ACT has apparently told its school governors in a letter.  There are two E-ACT acdamies in Sheffield - E-ACT Pathways Academy (previously Longley Primary School) and Parkwood E-ACT Academy (previously Parkwood High School).

The report can be seen in full here.  

Google still makes reference to an entry "E-ACT places a great deal of emphasis on the role of governors in driving forward..." but the link now leads to a "Sorry, that page can't be found" page on their website!

Further reaction in other reports - Schools Week

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