David Cameron: I want every school to become an academy

15th August 2015

David Cameron

To mark the first 100 days of the new government the Prime Minister has chosen to commit to an even more ambitious transformation of the education system. The Prime Minister would like to see every school become an academy although they will not be forced to do so against their will.  For further details see:

The Guardian

Daily Telegraph


We are not sure how this squares with the current provisions of the Education and Adoption Bill 2015-16 making its way through Parliament.  Amongst the provisions of the bill are powers to curtail governor and parental consultation seen as inhibiting conversion along with additional powers given to the Secretary of State to compel conversion for schools regarded as inadequate - All failing schools to be academies under new bill.

The NGA have already expressed opposition in their written submission to the Committee stage to the removal of the need to consult parents, pupils and staff where an academy order is in place, and to the proposed powers for the Secretary of State and her agents to require governing boards to make arrangements with particular sponsors.


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