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Want a school address? Who is the headteacher of a school?  What is the school's web address?  What locality group are we in?

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Chairs of Governors have been circulated with a letter from the Learn Sheffield Board providing news about the appointment of a permanent Chief Executive and details of their AGM/EGM to be held in November.  Details about the Chief Executive can be found in News and the AGM/EGM is now listed in Events.

Welcome to the new SASGB website which has replaced both the pages we had on the City Council website and our termly printed newsletter 'SASGB Update'.  We would welcome any feedback or suggested improvements - please post it here.

The Sheffield Association of School Governing Bodies (SASGB) is recognised by the local authority as the group best placed to represent the views of Governing Bodies in the city and we see the website as the best means of ensuring communication directly with all governors.

Members of the SASGB Executive Committee meet approximately half termly with the Children's Commissioner at the Governor Strategy and Policy Partnership Group.  This group discusses issues raised by Governing Bodies and we also discuss policies, developments and initiatives affecting local schools.

Additionally, we have representatives on a number of other groups and forums.  Our representatives ensure the governor voice is heard and through their feedback to the Executive and via the website we aim to keep the wider body of governors informed.  We also hold networking events for Chairs of Governing Bodies and an Annual General Meeting for all governors.

All school Governing Bodies are strongly urged to take out membership of the National Governors' Association (NGA) which provides access to an unrivalled range of services, including their excellent Governing Matters Magazine and update news services via the website.  Basic membership for a Governing Body is £77.  You can subscribe to the NGA News RSS feed to receive a news stream direct to your browser (MS Edge excluded at the moment on Windows 10!)


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